Who we are

Digital Nest as a company has been started by me Anusha Ranganathan to provide software development and consultancy. Until recently, I was working as a digital library architect and senior software developer at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. I am interested in all things associated with digital repositories and have more than a decade of experience in the software industry doing system architecture, development, and deployment specializing in web based technologies. Lately I have been focussing on Hydra, Blacklight, Fedora and related technologies. I am also assciated with Cottage Labs, a small partnership of software development and project management professionals, providing social and technical solutions to education, research and other organisations with complex information infrastructures.

Who we work with

Our client list represents a broad spectrum of universities, libraries, museums, and other organisations with missions related to cultural heritage preservation, research and data management, data outreach and other related disciplines.


Anusha Ranganathan
Please contact us if you have questions about Digital Nest, or if you would like to discuss a potential project.